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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

We install locks wherever your business needs them—be it the front door or the filing cabinets. Count on us for everything you need in terms of repairs, installations, and lock security.

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Locksmith Company

Locksmith Company

Want to count on a company which can offer the best locksmith? Call us

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Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmith

We guarantee speed, excellent car locks change and chip key activation. Rely on our auto locksmith

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To prevent break-ins, we can provide you with lock related solutions

See the list of FAQs below to learn more about locks, keys and their problems. Learn more about them and what the best steps are for security reinforcement.

Get the best answers to many FAQ about home security, lock repair and similar subjects here.

Can I use tiny screws to fit brass bolts on doors?

Unfortunately the answer from the expert locksmith in Los Angeles is no. Despite the expense, it is imperative to fit larger bolts.  You need the right screws in order to get the job right. A good option is either japanned bolts or traditional steel despite concerns by some consumers about appearance. 

How can I enhance the security of a door?

First of all make sure that the frame is strong enough. Consult an expert and use brands that are known for their durability. Do not attempt to use new technology unless you fully understand what it entails and the possible risks of installing it.  Always go for quality.

How can I avoid losing my keys?

Most of us face this problem. We often lose our keys to doors, windows or safes. You should always keep the keys with you to avoid these situations. Even if you lose your keys, don’t worry. Our experts are available to make you the new ones.

What do I do if I lose my car keys but have duplicates?

While you might feel as though there is nothing to worry about, experts over at Locksmith Los Angeles would suggest that you continue looking for your original keys until you are absolutely certain that you can’t find it. Otherwise, your car’s security has been compromised and you might have to rekey.

What does lock rekey includes?

Lock rekey involves the replacement of the current configuration or tumbler of the door locks so that the lock will only open and lock with a new key. This ensures security when someone is moving to a new house or the room-mate moves out. Our diligent specialists in Los Angeles will make a new key to fit the lock.

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